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Willy is a male Standard Poodle
DOB: June 12, 2019

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Archie: Standard Poodle, 4 years old.
Archie: Standard Poodle, 4 years old.

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Foster Guardian Information for Archie

We are currently looking for a guardian family for our boy, Archie.
Archie is 4 years old and loves to run and play and he really loves his people.

Our guardian program is simple, Archie lives with you as your family pet and you bring him to our farm up to 7 times a year for a couple of days so we can use him for breeding. And, after he finishes his time in our program, he lives the rest of his life with you!

In our Foster To Guardian Program, we pair you with one of our boys on a trial basis. You take him home and live together for an agreed-upon period of time. If the fit is good, you become his forever family. If the fit isn’t the right one, we take him back and see if there is another, better fit with one of our other dogs.

We love doing business this way for 2 reasons: First, it helps us pair a deserving family with an amazing, high-quality dog that they might have otherwise been unable to afford; Second, it gives the dogs an incredible quality of life– they live as the beloved pets of their family.