Guardian Dog Candi Available

This is Candi and she’s available for a guardian home immediately.
she is an 8 week old Mini Multigen ‘b’ Goldendoodle.

What is a Guardian Dog?

Candi, female Mini Multigen ‘b’ Goldendoodles.
Candi, female Mini Multigen ‘b’ Goldendoodles.

Candi: Female Guardian Dog, Mini Multigen ‘b’ Goldendoodles. DOB 06/12/2023

Guardian Information for Candi

We are currently looking for a guardian family for our girl, Candi.

This is Candi. She’s a Mini Multigen ‘b’ Goldendoodle. She is about 8 weeks old. She is sweet, energetic, and super smart. She is loads of fun. She has not been house broken yet.

Our guardian program is simple, Candi lives with you as your family pet and you bring her to our farm 1 – 2 times per year for breeding activities. She will come and stay with us once a year for about 8 weeks when she delivers and whelps a litter of puppies.

And, after she finishes her time in our program, she lives the rest of her life with you!

We love doing business this way for 2 reasons: First, it helps us pair a deserving family with an amazing, high-quality dog that they might have otherwise been unable to afford; Second, it gives the dogs an incredible quality of life– they live as the beloved pets of their family.

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