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Lakeshore Doodles Is Now offering our Goldendoodles for sale In Connecticut

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Image of a white and tan colored goldendoodle puppy from Lakeshore Doodles. Western New York.

Hello from Lakeshore Doodles

Lakeshore Doodles of New York is proud to announce that they are now offering their beloved Goldendoodle puppies for sale to families in Connecticut and Nationwide. With years of experience breeding and raising some of the most beautiful and friendly Goldendoodles, Lakeshore Doodles is committed to providing top-notch customer service and exceptional puppies to loving homes everywhere.

“Did you know that Lakeshore Doodle Puppies are Litter-Box Trained?”
The perfect pet for those who live in highrise apartments or townhomes in the city.

As a family-owned business, Lakeshore Doodles understands the importance of finding the perfect furry companion for your family. They take great care in breeding only the healthiest and happiest Goldendoodles, and each puppy is raised with love and attention in a warm and nurturing environment.

Lakeshore Doodles of New York is excited to expand its reach and share its amazing Goldendoodles with even more families across the country. They are committed to providing unparalleled customer service and their passion for breeding and raising exceptional puppies is evident in the quality of their dogs.

If you’re looking to purchase a friendly and lovable addition to your family, look no further than Lakeshore Doodles of New York. With their commitment to excellence and top-notch breeding practices, you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect Goldendoodle puppy to join your family.

Delivery Now Available

We can now deliver your puppy right to you in 48 states. Call to get pricing.
(585) 623-0426

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These puppies will not ever inherit over 150
different DNA-tested genetic health issues.

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Lakeshore Doodles. A Golden Doodle Puppy sitting in a green grassy field.

Connecticut We Have a Health Guarantee

We have a 2-year genetic health guarantee

The majority of our puppies can’t inherit over 150 DNA-tested genetic health issues

Delivery to Syracuse or Albany NY is often possible.

Our puppies are eligible to have 2 weeks of obedience training prior to going home

Our puppies are litter box trained!

Our puppies live in our home from the second that they are born. We know their dispositions VERY WELL and we love to help you choose the best puppy for the specific needs of your family! By working together we can make an informed and wise choice. Lakeshore Doodles has been breeding high-quality Goldendoodles for 20 years!

Goldendoodle Types we sell

  • Mini Multigen Goldendoodle-Non-Shed / Great for Allergies
  • F1 Mini Goldendoodle
  • F1b Mini Goldendoodle-Non-Shed / Great for Allergies
  • F1 Standard Goldendoodle
  • F1b Standard Goldendoodle-Hypoallergenic Goldendoodle puppies
  • Mini Multigen Double Doodle-Non-Shed / Great for Allergies


Please feel free to contact Lakeshore Doodles with any questions you have at (585) 623-0426

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Goldendoodle Puppy.

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