New York Licenced Dog Breeders

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New York Licenced Dog Breeders

The Good, Bad, and Unlicensed

Bad Animal Breeders

How often have you seen someone selling dogs or cats at a store parking lot or local market?
How about all those pets being sold in classified magazines?
Or the cute dogs and cats being sold at Pet Stores?
You can count on most of these animals being sold by unlicensed pet sellers or “Backyard Pet sellers”/”Puppy-Mills.

A good licensed pet breeder would never take their animals away from their facilities to be sold in public or in stores without having the animals go through extensive pet care from a Veterinarian. This would include all checkups and shots to make sure the animal is healthy and vaccinated against deadly deceases like Canine parvovirus, Heart Worms, distemper, rabies, and more.
Bringing animals into public areas without proper vaccines could lead to costly medical problems or death for the young pup or kitten.

So many people see animals like these and just want to give that cute little puppy or kitten a home, that’s a fantastic thing but if problems come up after your purchase you may lose that animal, incur hefty vet bills, or both. The Bad Breeder you bought the animal from will be nowhere to be found leaving you with a sick animal and less money in your pocket.


Dog behind a fence.

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New York Pet Store Laws

The new Pet-Shop laws (The New York Puppy Mill Pipeline Act) will take effect in New York in 2024. This law was signed by Governor Kathy Hochul in December 2022. Pet Stores will no longer be able to sell animals from Licensed or Unlicensed Breeders. This will reduce the supply of animals from “Puppy-Mills”.
Pet Shops will be able to work with Animal Shelters to offer abandoned or rescued animals for adoption.
(The need to reduce the number of animals in shelters is overwhelming. Be a responsible pet owner, Spay or neuter your pets please and adopt when possible.)


Licensed Breeders:

Licensed breeders are individuals or entities that have obtained the necessary permits and licenses from local or state authorities to legally breed and sell animals, including dogs and cats, in New York. These breeders must comply with specific regulations and standards set by the state to ensure the welfare and well-being of the animals they breed. Licensing typically involves inspections, record-keeping requirements, and compliance with animal welfare laws.

(From The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Website)
“License fees are paid annually and are non-refundable. Pet dealers selling or offering to sell more than 25 dogs and/or cats to the public must pay a $100.00 application fee. Pet Dealers selling or offering to sell between nine and 25 dogs and/or cats to the public must pay a $25.00 application fee.”

Unlicensed Breeders:

Unlicensed breeders, sometimes referred to as “backyard breeders” or “unregulated breeders,” are individuals who breed animals without obtaining the required licenses or permits from the appropriate authorities. Since they operate outside of the regulatory framework, there is often a lack of oversight and accountability for the animals’ welfare. Unlicensed breeders may not meet the necessary health and safety standards, leading to potential issues for the animals they breed and the buyers who purchase pets from them.

(No more Than 9 Dogs and/or Cats per year)
“You must be licensed as a pet dealer if your facility sells or offers to sell nine or more dogs and/or cats per year.”

Pet Shop Stores:

Pet shops in New York are establishments that legally sell animals, including dogs and cats, to the public. They are required to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate. Pet shops may source their animals from different places, such as licensed breeders, animal shelters, or rescue organizations. Legitimate pet shops should provide proper care for the animals in their facilities and adhere to animal welfare regulations.


(See Above Changes In The Law For Pet-Shops Starting in 2024)

Lakeshore Doodles Logo. New York.

Lakeshore Doodles: New York Licensed Quality Goldendoodle Breeder


Don’t take your chances on a “Bad-Breeder”.
You can count on Lakeshore Doodles to offer the best Goldendoodle Puppies anywhere in New York and the East Coast if not the entire lower 48 states.

We don’t run our Facility/Farm as a Puppy-Mill. We take great pride in raising our Goldendoodle Puppies in our own home and not in puppy mill cages. The parents of our puppies live here with our family on our farm or come from our Guardian-Dog-Program and have extensive Vet care to be sure you are getting the best quality Goldendoodle anywhere.

If you want to see how extensive a program we have for breeding our Goldendoodles, please visit our FAQ page. We have over 50 pages of helpful information along with informative videos as well.

We’re Different Because:

  1. DNA Tested Parents: Our puppies can’t inherit over 150 different genetic health disorders
  2. Two-Year Health Guarantee: We guarantee the health of all our pups for the first 2 years of life
  3. Thorough Veterinary Examination: All our pups come to you certified as healthy by a licensed veterinarian
  4. Vaccines & De-worming– Our pups have their first round of vaccines and a full course of de-worming completed
  5. Puppy Matching Process: At Lakeshore Doodles we have extensive experience matching your family with the right puppy
  6. Superior Socialization: All our puppies are raised right in our living room to ensure they are well socialized
  7. National Delivery: We can hand deliver your puppy right to you anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  8. Payment Flexibility: Lakeshore Doodles accepts all major credit cards for the purchase, buying, and selling of Goldendoodle Puppies
  9. Lakeshore Doodles is the #1 Breeder of Superior Goldendoodle Puppies in New York and the East Coast.
Luke-Male, orange collar. Mini Double Doodle.

One very happy Goldendoodle

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