Otis – Mini Multigen Doubledoodle


Otis – Mini Multigen Doubledoodle
Otis – Mini Multigen Doubledoodle
Otis – Mini Multigen Doubledoodle
Otis – Mini Multigen Doubledoodle
Otis. Mini Muligen Doubledoodle being walked on a leash.
Otis Male Goldendoodle.
Otis Male Goldendoodle.

Otis – Mini Multigen Doubledoodle

Video of Otis Being trained at K9 Services

MOTHER: “Willow” F1 Standard Goldendoodle
FATHER: “Ziggy” F1b Mini Cockapoo

Otis Story

Otis is a Mini Multigen Doubledoodle. He was born on October 10, 2022. He had 7 littermates and when he was about 3 weeks old, his Mother accidentally stepped on him and broke his leg. He was promptly taken to the vet and had his leg reset. When he came home, he got a special pen to live in with one of his sisters right in our living room. He was regularly handled and interacted with, just like all the puppies that we help and match with families.

Otis’ leg healed perfectly and he was purchased by a wonderful family when he was approximately 8 weeks old.  Over time, Otis started to exhibit resource-guarding behavior. Otis’ family felt, while they loved him very much, they were not equipped to adequately modify this behavior and they brought Otis back to Lakeshore. We had Otis evaluated by Neil and Rachel Matthews, expert dog trainers and owners of Certified K9. They felt strongly that if we put Otis into their 3 Week Obedience Camp, not only would the resource guarding behaviors be rectified, but Otis would also learn the following:

  • Heel
  • Sit & down in motion
  • Place
  • Automatic Sit
  • Sit & Down in Front
  • Sit and Down at the Side
  • Come

We put Otis in the program because it is uniquely tailored to correcting his resource guarding issues while teaching him all his basic manners so that he can be successfully paired with his forever family. Best of all, this obedience camp includes unlimited lifetime of private lessons and phone support for Otis’ new family.



Otis doesn’t shed. He can’t inherit over 150 DNA-tested health disorders. He comes with a 2 Year Health Guarantee.

Otis will be ready to go to his forever home on April 1st. The costs of Otis’ training and re-homing will be $4,500 plus tax. If you would like to be contacted to discuss Otis’ situation further please fill out the form below: