Puppy Picking Day

By Jim Gray | 04/17/2023 | Puppy Day

Lakeshore Doodles – Puppy Picking Day Story

A Goldendoodle puppy at Lakeshore Doodles Puppy Picking Day. Lakeshore Doodles nationwide United States goldendoodle breeder.

Puppy Picking Day at Lakeshore Doodles

Puppy Picking Day at Lakeshore Doodles is an exciting event that every prospective puppy parent looks forward to. As one of the most reputable breeders of high-quality doodles, Lakeshore Doodles offers a variety of adorable puppies that have been well-bred and well-cared for from birth.
Lakeshore Doodles raise these puppies inside their own home.

Goldendoodle puppies relaxing before they get picked by a family.
Goldendoodle puppy laying on the floor.

The Process

The process of getting a puppy from Lakeshore Doodles starts with placing a deposit for a specific litter. Once a litter is born, the puppies are evaluated for health and temperament, and the future Puppy Parents are informed of the number of puppies and their genders. Puppy Picking Day is the day when prospective puppy parents come to the breeder’s facility to select their puppy from the litter they have reserved.

The order in which prospective parents get to pick up their puppies is determined by the date they placed their deposit. The first deposit made for a specific litter gets to pick first, followed by the second deposit, and so on. The breeder schedules appointments for each family, one hour apart, to ensure that the process is organized and smooth.

Another happy family that just picked their new Lakeshore Doodle.

One of our Lakeshore Doodles going home with their new family

Just waking up.

Another happy family that just picked their new Lakeshore Doodle.

Look at those Smiles.

For future parents and families, Puppy Picking Day is an exciting and emotional day. They have been waiting for weeks or even months to meet their new furry friend finally, and they can’t wait to see which puppy will become a part of their family. The breeder at Lakeshore Doodles understands this, and they do everything possible to make the day special.

On Puppy Picking Day, potential parents are greeted by the breeder and taken to a separate room where the litter is waiting for them. The room is clean, warm, and well-lit, with plenty of space for the puppies to move around and play. The prospective parents are then introduced to the litter and given some time to interact with them.

The breeder is always present during the puppy-picking process to provide guidance and answer any questions that new owners may have. They offer advice on choosing the right puppy based on factors such as temperament, activity level, and coat type. They also help the parents understand the responsibilities of owning a puppy and what they can expect in terms of care and training.

A family of two holding their new Goldendoodle puppy from Lakeshore Doodles.

Happy new Fur-Babby Parents

Afternoon play time.

A woman holding a Goldendoodle puppy.

So cute and cuddly. 

The puppy-picking process is a careful and thoughtful one. Prospective parents take their time observing the puppies, playing with them, and interacting with them to determine which one will be the best fit for their family. This is an important decision, as the puppy they choose will become a beloved member of their family for many years to come.

Once the new owner has selected their puppy, the breeder provides them with information on the puppy’s health and care, including vaccinations, feeding schedule, training, and grooming needs. They also provide a contract that outlines the terms of the sale, including any guarantees or warranties offered by the breeder.

The breeder at Lakeshore Doodles ensures that every prospective parent has an equal chance of getting their desired puppy. They keep in touch with those who are waiting and provide regular updates on the litter’s progress.

A group of ladies and their new puppy.

The perfect fit.

A goldendoodle Puppy.

Waiting Patiently.

With their focus on quality breeding and exceptional customer service, Lakeshore Doodles is a top choice for anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family.

For more information about our Lakeshore Doodles Puppy Picking Day, please contact us by phone at (585) 623-0426 or click the Contact Button below.

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