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Below are a few reviews and comments from some of our customers who have purchased puppies from Lakeshore Doodles. We hope you will find your next great friend for life here at Lakeshore Doodles.

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Veterinarian Amherst, NY.

“I’m writing because I am a veterinarian in Amherst, and I continue to be so impressed with the quality of your dogs. A very good friend of mine has a Standard named “Jersey” who is now 12 or 13. I met him when Jackie first got him as a puppy, and he has been an absolute joy. His personality is amazing and he has been so healthy throughout his life. My friend has twin boys, and they “grew up” with Jersey. What a blessing that this is the way they learned about dogs; learned about the love and grace that a dog can be for a family.”

“Another good friend just recently got a puppy from you that she and her husband named “Teddy.” I have to tell you: Teddy is pure magic. He is truly the best puppy I have seen in a long time. Well behaved, bright, joyful—I could go on and on.”

“These are just 2 examples that I know very personally. I have wanted to write you for a while, and just express gratefulness. You are an excellent breeder. It shows.”

“We are huge Lakeshore Doodle fans! We have two doodles from them – Otis and Becket. They are a wonderful breeder who genuinely cares for the well-being of their puppies from the minute they are born to well after they are placed with their new family. Both our pups are friendly, smart, and playful. Beth was incredibly helpful in making sure we had everything we needed to ensure an easy transition. We highly recommend Lakeshore!”

Nick F.

“We picked up our mini Goldendoodle, Huxley from Lakeshore in March of 2019. We were a little apprehensive about not being able to pick him out in person because puppy picking day didn’t work with our schedules (we live in Boston), but our skype session with Beth was nothing short of perfect! She helped us pick out Hux and made sure we were absolutely certain. We picked him up in Syracuse the following weekend and he is the light of our lives! He is so calm and sweet and loving, and I know this is all thanks to the superior breeding of Lakeshore doodles! Highly recommend :).”

Jessica L.

“We just picked up our second golden doodle boy, Becket, last month, and we couldn’t be happier! He’s smart, cuddly, energetic, and extremely loving. He learned his name and a few commands within the first 2 weeks. He doesn’t cry in his crate and has slept through the night since night 1. Our 2-year-old golden doodle, Otis, is also a Lakeshore doodle, and they play all day long together. You can tell how happy they both are together! I cannot thank Lakeshore enough for our boys. I will always go to Lakeshore for any future pup and cannot recommend them enough! Beth does such a great job helping you select the best dog for your family. She does such a great job breeding and caring for these pups!!!”

Jamie H.

Finding the right breeder took us a long time – we drove 5+ hours to Lakeshore Doodles to meet our Bella! She is almost a year old now and we are constantly told by people that she is just such a HAPPY dog (and we think she’s pretty cute too).

For those looking: Bella is STANDARD Size F1B (Poodle & Goldendoodle mix – from Kenzie and Gizmo), she weighs 55 lbs. Picture for reference (this is post a grooming)

Colleen K.

“I can honestly say that these puppies are raised like no others. My guy came from “Lakeshore Doodles” and he is the smartest, most intuitive, and the sweetest creature I know, among both dogs and humans. Thanks for raising the love of my life, kind people at Lakeshore. Pic for cuteness.”

Debomita G.

“We own a professional dog training facility in Upstate NY and have worked with numerous puppies from Lake Shore Golden Doodles over years. Many of these puppies come to us initially for puppy programs but also do additional training or boarding later. This gives us the unique opportunity to see so many of these puppies at all different stages of their lives. I wish all breeders would hold themselves to the high standards that Lakeshore does. Their temperaments are a true testament to what quality breeding can result in. Confident, solid, stable puppies and dogs that can be incorporated into all kinds of families and lifestyles. As trainers and human educators, we realize that all dogs and puppies need proper training to realize their fullest potential. For us it is refreshing to start with a quality puppy-like Lakeshore offers!”

Neil M.

“I have had dogs all my life and have never had such a sweet, well-mannered, calm puppy before. From the very start –picking the puppy day and bringing him home to today (1.5 years later), our little Boy has been pure joy! He loves everyone from babies, toddlers, children to older people and loves to play with other dogs. He is quite the celebrity when he is around people. He has been healthy and has the best disposition ever. We highly recommend Lakeshore Doodles as they teach the puppies how to be part of the family from when they are born. They are treated like family from the very beginning and it apparent. Wish I could have another one and I may someday soon. This is the only place I would even think of going to adopt my next baby. You will not be disappointed!”

Nancy M.

“Our experience with buying our first puppy, Bailey was a fabulous experience. We will not go anywhere else to buy our next! We have several friends who have bought from Lakeshore Doodles and we are all 4 hours away. Spectacular people, precious puppy and they pull out all the stops to make sure their pups are in the best health possible to go to a forever home.”

Kris J.

“We got our Maple from Lakeshore Goldendoodles 6 months ago and we are in-love. She is the sweetest, smartest dog we have ever met. She is very friendly and is doing so well being part of our rowdy, busy family home. Her temperament and energy level is perfect for our family. She also learns new commands very quickly and is so eager to please us. We just really love our puppy. We highly recommend this breeder.”

John C.

“We have adopted both of our dogs from Lakeshore. We have had great communication with Beth, and we feel that she did everything possible to help us choose the right dog for our family (x2)! The information that we were required to review before adopting our pups was hugely helpful. Lakeshore makes sure that their puppies are going to responsible and knowledgeable owners. Both of our babies are beautiful and have beguiling personalities to match!”

Trish B.

“We got our mini Goldendoodle from Lakeshore Doodles. Beth is amazing to work with and she truly loves her dogs! Our Cooper is the most loving, adorable, and smart puppy. Everywhere I go (and I take him everywhere with me!) people come up to greet him and he loves it. He is great with people and other dogs. Would not hesitate to get another dog from Lakeshore!”

Steffi P.

“Lakeshore Doodles is awesome. We have had our pup for 9 years and recommended them to two other families who also purchased puppies from them. All of the dogs are in excellent health (from a variety of litters) and are excellent additions to all of their families. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Lisa C.

“We recently purchased a Goldendoodle puppy from Lakeshore Doodles. From beginning to end the experience was amazing. Communication was great and we loved seeing updated pictures as the puppies were growing. On pick-up day, the process was super easy and we came well prepared after reviewing the paperwork prior to that day through the video that Lakeshore had prepared. When we arrived we sat down for a little chat before meeting the puppies. Lakeshore wanted us to have a perfect match for our family and they did an amazing job. I would highly recommend Lakeshore Doodles to anybody looking for a Goldendoodle puppy!”

Nikki M.

“I have allergies and we got a petite mini golden doodle puppy from Lakeshore Doodles four years ago. This dog has the best temperament and has passed tests to be able to provide comfort at nursing homes and colleges. She’s super smart and very playful as well as affectionate and no allergy issues for me. It took her a day or two to learn to ring a bell when she needs to go outside, but she taught herself to ring the bell if she needs to remind us of other things (like my water bowl is empty guys!) A lot of care went into her breeding and we so appreciate the folks at Lakeshore.”

Cheryl M.

“My husband and I became part of Lakeshore’s guardian program 2 years ago. We brought home 2 sweet and loving English cream golden retriever sisters. These girls have blessed my husband and I and brought so much joy to our lives. Beth and her husband John are beyond wonderful to work with. They are so kind and our girls love going to stay with them when necessary! They are so accommodating and care SO MUCH for the dogs they raise! Each pup that is born is lovingly cared for and raised in their home. I would never deal with anyone other than Lakeshore, nor would I recommend anyone other than Lakeshore Doodles to friends and family! Thank you Beth and John for trusting us with these precious girls (who are relaxing with me as I type this – one on either side of me!)”

Jennifer H.

Lilly joined our family almost a year ago through the guardian program. She is the sweetest dog we have ever owned. Beth has been a pleasure to work with. Her compassion and love for these dogs shows every time you talk with her. Thank you Lakeshore Doodles for giving us the opportunity.

Caitlin B.

“Beth is very knowledgeable and very helpful. We got our puppy from her- a Goldendoodle and cockapoo mix and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter or nicer pup even though he was sort of the alpha of the litter. He is tremendously easy to train and always eager to please you. I can vouch for the temperament of all the puppies. Story is everything we wanted and more and is the center of our universe – I have Lakeshore Doodles to thank for that.”

Debomita G.