Shopping List

Dog Kennel.

Dog Crate with Divider

We prefer the wire crates with the removable tray because it cleans much easier than the plastic molded crates. They also come with dividers that can partition off one end of the crate while your puppy is small. 

Standard Doodles: 42″ Crate

Mini Doodles 36″ Crate

Petite Doodles 30″ Crate

Red and Blue dog collar.
Multi colored dog leashes.

Collar and Leash

Leash – 6 Foot Length

Standard Doodles: 8-12” adjustable puppy collar

Mini Doodles: 6 – 10” adjustable puppy collar

NuVet Plus Supplements.

NuVet Plus

There is not another supplement available anywhere that comes even close to this one. You can read more about this by going clicking on the RED link below.  Our 2 year health guarantee is contingent on using this supplement. TO ORDER NUVET PLUS VITAMINS CALL:      1-800-474-7044 Use order # 77786

Nail Clippers.
Styptic Powder.


Slicker Brush.

Slicker Brush

Ear Cleaner.

Ear Cleaner

Dog Shampoo.
Dog Conditioner.


Dogs have a different PH balance than people do, which means it is advisable to use shampoo formulated specifically for puppies when bathing your new family addition!

Urine and Stool Deodorizer.


You will need to purchase a deodorizer with an enzymatic process instead of using another cleaner with a fresh pine scent. Enzymatic cleaners break down the odor and get rid of it instead of simply covering it up with another smell. If it is not completely broken down your puppy will still be able to smell the soiled area – which will encourage them to go in that same spot again.

Puppy Food

Please contact us for recommendations.

Dog food bowls.

Food Bowls

We prefer stainless steel bowls because they do not hold bacteria like plastic ones can.

Dog Treats.

Training Treats

Choose a treat that is formulated as healthy as the food you are feeding!

Soft dog toy.
Dog Toy.


We recommend getting a few soft toys while your puppy is small and will be teething. These are not to be left in the crate with the puppy  – they should be offered only with supervision.

Hard dog toy.
Hard dog toy.


We recommend getting a few hard toys that are safe to leave in the crate with the puppy while you are away. We DO NOT recommend rawhide as they can get pieces off that are too large to digest. This can cause a serious issue.